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Strampe du Plessis Attorneys was established in 2013 by Nic Strampe and Liesl Du Plessis. Both Directors have previously practised at different firms , Nic Strampe since 1980 and Liesl since 1998.

We are a medium sized firm specializing in Conveyancing, Estate Administration, Wills, Antenuptial Contracts and Personal Financial Planning.

Our client relationships are long standing because , as Attorneys, we are dedicated in offering personalised, dedicated, expert service.

Our Team

Gretha Crafford

Senior Conveyancing Secretary

Yollandah Elizabeth


Nic Strampe


Liesl du Plessis

B.Proc, Post Grad Dipl Fin. Planning

Molleen K. Kagoro

Senior Conveyancing Secretary


Candidate Attorney




We specialise in the drafting of Will and no will is to complicated or plain for us!
This service is free if you appoint us as your Executors, otherwise the costs are R500.

A valid will is an important part of your life. Every responsible adult should have one and have it reviewed from time to time. If you do not have a Valid Will , Your Estate is administrated in terms of the Intestate Sucession act, which may mean heirs which you would not have chosen to inherit may inherit, and appointing an Executor can be a difficult and delay the finalisation of your estate.

In order for any Will to be valid and accepted by the Master of the High Court, it has to comply with the requirements set out in Section 2 of the Wills Act 7 of 1953. The requirements are as follows:

1-The person must be over the age of 16 years.
2-The will must be in writing.
3-Each page of the will must be signed by the testator and two competent witnesses.
4. Witnesses may not be heirs- a witness is excluded from inheriting anything out of an estate.

Your will must also include your full name and ID number, details of your assets, names of your beneficiaries, how you wish to distribute your assets, and the name of the executor.


Antenuptial Contracts

We help a lot of clients with advise regarding die marital regime best suited to them.
Our fees are R3500 for the consultation, drafting, signature and Execution of the ANC.

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves structuring a client’s personal, business and financial affairs in life in such a way that upon his or her death, estate duty, capital gains tax and executor’s fees are minimized.

In addition, estate planning should provide for sufficient cash in the estate to meet the estate’s financial obligations, and ensure that the heirs’ inheritance is protected.

Although life policies are taken into account, comprehensive planning involves the structuring of offshore assets, wills, living wills, trusts and donations, and issues such as marital contracts and different income tax provisions for your Trust Beneficiaries all need to be taken into consideration.

Deceased Estate administration

Our team has 22 years experience in the administration of deceased estates , and can administer with speed and efficiency all kinds of Deceased estates , from small intestate estates to large estates with farms and businesses.

We have the latest software in place to ease and streamline the process.
We have experience in Redistribution agreements, Renounciations, partly intestate estates, insolvent estates, estates with estate duty past 5 million and more


We attend to all types of Conveyancing, from Sectional Title openings, Subdivisions, Consolidations ,private bonds, Zero rated going concerns and general contract drafting. No transfer is to big or to small for us. We have 40 years experience in this field and we can promise you our commitment to excellence.

Establishment of Trusts and Companies

We discuss your succession and family inheritance needs before we draw up a trust tailor made for you or your family or business. We can also draw up inter vivos family trusts, business trusts or mortis causa Trusts (which deal with your assets after your death). We amend Trust documents to alter the purpose and goals of the trusts,remove or add beneficiaries or Trustees. Strampe Du Plessis can register private or public companies, change directors or shareholders and discuss your company’s business needs and objectives.